What’s this newsletter about?

I’m not sure yet, honestly. Each newsletter may have a theme, though not all of them will. I’ll do my best to keep writing here to find out. Read my first installment for a dose.

Who are you?

I’m Cheri, and I’m an editor and writer based in Northern California. I’m a founding member of the editorial team at Automattic and have been wrangling words and stories for WordPress.com for eight years. I also help curate and edit long-form storytelling at Longreads. I have various personal spaces on the web, like my website — known way back in the day as Writing Though the Fog — and my blogs about my tiny house and garden. If you’re reading this, it’s likely you already know me in some way, so I’ll spare you the long version of my bio.

You’ll also find me on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. I’m in a bit of a hazy space in terms of social media right now, exploring once again how I’d like to present, or piece together, my fragmented online self.

How often will you send it?

I’m like a volcano. You never know when I’ll erupt.

My publishing pace will be slow and steady. I’m not sure how often I’ll send updates — probably once a month — but in general, they’ll be occasional and I certainly won’t clutter your inbox.

Is it free?


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Cheri Lucas Rowlands
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